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  • "The day Meles was pronounced dead.., Melesizm was born"~Rahel Yifter

    History In The Making Again!

    GenrealAskl Congratulations to Haftena L/Colonel Askale Berhane. She was promoted to the grade of brigadier general. She became the first woman in the history of Ethopia to attain general officer rank. More on her profile


    Beyond Expectations: The Enduring Image of Prime Minister Meles’ Legacy
    Asayehgn Desta, Ph.D.

    In May 8, 1955, a series of seven clicking loud sounds (eleelta) emerged from the house of Woizero Alemash Gebre Leul and Ato Zenawi Asres at the Enda Selassie community in Adwa, Tigrai , Ethiopia, to announce to the immediate neighbors that Woizero Alemash had given birth to a boy. Since the family was devoted to the Christian faith, the boy was baptized with holy water at 40 days at the Enda Selassie Church (Debrechie). The delighted mother called her newborn son Negasi (to be the king or kingly) because she wished the newborn boy to be the future Ethiopian king. The father, Ato Zenawi Asres on the other hand preferred that the newborn boy be named Legesse (gift bestowal) because it was his desire that the newborn child be devoted to giving assistance to the needy. Within the Adwa community, it is generally accepted that the children of any family may have more than two names. Thus it was finally agreed by entire family that the official name of the newborn boy be Legesse Zenewai. Members of the family on the other hand were given the option to call the newborn boy either Negassi or Legesse. More on his Legacy


    H.E. Meles Zenawi passed!

    RIPMele H.E. Meles Zenawi was a product of Queen Sheba and Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi was judged by many as a first class genius shrewd politician and the most capable political leader that has ever come to the helm of state power in Ethiopia's modern history. Meles with his comrades has effectively transformed the once clandestine and militaristic guerrilla movement into a more transparent and democratic political party than ever before; In recognition of his outstanding contributions to Ethiopia and the world in general, he was awarded the top honor prize of the World Peace Council for his contributions for global peace and he was a winner of a Norwegian US$200,000 prize that promotes U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's call for a green revolution in Africa.May your soul rest in peace!


    His Holiness Abune Paulos passed!


    His Holiness Abune Paulos was the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church & President of World Counsel of Churches. He served as a member of central committee and the Faith and Order commission, and attended the Nairobi assembly. He has ... participated in many international meetings, including the World Economic Forum and the World Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations, and has been instrumental in encouraging interfaith dialogue in Ethiopia. He has shown keen interest in youth, women’s issues and HIV/AIDS, acting as patron of the national program on HIV/AIDS. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the protection and welfare of refugees, he was awarded the Nansen Medal for Africa by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in 2000. He was indeed a very great moderate scholar/father served his country and empowered his believers proudly …..Rest in peace and may his work flourish to inspire holiness.

    Crowd Attends Annual Queen Sheba Alumni Event

    Queen Sheba alumni staged its 70th anniversary of homecoming reunion colorfully, in the city of Adwa and raised a record of $45 million Birr in gifts and pledges from members and supporters of the alumni. The reunion kicked off an eventful long weekend for the alumni and local residents with a complete daily line-up of events you name it, from: Panel discussion/ Seminars on education and development of the city, concerts many more. Gedebe


    Additionally, the 70th anniversary played an important role in bringing together members of different political parties and persuasions who vowed to set aside their political differences for the common goal of building a solid education and had fruit full discussions in shaping up the schools future. Finally, all vowed in building the school, infrastructure and scholarship endowment to place Queen Sheba rise to its prominence again.

    New Members to be Inducted into Queen Sheba Alumni Hall of Fame!

    The Founders,

    Special thanks to our Founders (Alem, Issayas, Berhe Bezabih, Tewdros Biadgo, Mekonen Aberha, Alemash Berhe, Ato Bekele Berhane, Aite Guesh Berhe) for their courage of taking the initiative in setting up and organizing our Alumni and has contributed their time and efforts to push our Alumni in a time gave birth to our great Alumni org. Today the Alumni have branches stretching from Ethiopia to all parts of the world.

    Aregash Adane,

    Aregash: Played a big role in shaping up Ethiopia’s politics to where it is today. Her political career dates back to a time where she was a fighter, a founding mother of TPLF who later became a governor of Tigrey. As a woman fighter, she stood for women's right in Ethiopia and stood toe-to-toe with the men at the time where there were lot inequalities in the country. She was the first woman to challenge Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for the parliamentary seat of Adwa.

    Atsede Kahesay (A Woman in Education),

    Atsede Kahesay: As one of our own, she was the first women to hold masters degree in Ethiopia. She’s known for her advocacy in education for all and currently working for UNESCO.

    Queenshebaf Dr. Tsegaye Berhe Weldo,

    Dr.Tsegaye’s loyalty to Adwa is always strong. In partnership with Wide Horizons for Children, he has built a new Comprehensive Health Center that is serving over 100 patients a day in Adua and its surroundings. Dr Tsegaye has helped to make a difference in the lives of so many children. Under his leadership, 200 students of Tsione Elementry school of Adwa were moved from shade and able to learn in class room. In addtion to this he has built A five-story building school, for Academy of Honor Students that accommodates 250 qualified students who scored 90% and above on their grades.

    Dr. Desta did it again,

    Congrats to Dr. Desta Asayehgn, for another award. He was among the nominees who won the 2012 Outstanding Research Award at the School of Business and Leadership, Dominican University of California. Dr. Desta is the Sarlo Distinguished Professor of Business Economics at the Dominican University of California. He is the author of several articles and books. The Compton Foundation and Friedman's Fund for innovation Competition awards are among the prizes Prof. Desta has won in his distinguished academic career. More on his work


    Preparation for Queen Sheba Reunion is in a High Gear!

    Preparations for Queen Sheba annual Reunion is set for ሰነ 18 - 24/2004 or June 25 – July 1/2012 in high gear with a complete daily line-up of events like: Great Run, Concerts, Panel discussion/ Seminars and many more. The 2012 Reunion Weekend has something for everyone, please plan ahead: Reserve your vacation, Book your ticket, Tell Family/friends to join u…. You are all invited! ......See You in Adwa:)

    The Revitalization of the town of Adwa (Ethiopia)through Community-based Endogenous Projects

    Sustainable Local Development:
    The Revitalization of the town of Adwa (Ethiopia)through
    Community-based Endogenous Projects

    Over the years, either self-initiated or by funding from development agencies, a number of developing countries have implemented various programs to tackle poverty. This case study was inspired by the One Village One Product (OVOP) movement initiated in the Oita Prefecture region of Japan and successfully transferred to other developed or developing countries through the initiative of local talents, the emancipation of local wisdom, the participation of local people, the rediscovering of indigenous products (services or history), and viable entrepreneurship. As a result, local communities were able to create job opportunities and generate income to improve the livelihoods of the poor segments of their population. Given the positive aspects of the OVOP movement, some possible community-based endogenous projects have been suggested to revitalize the town of Adwa, Tigrai, Ethiopia. Read More


    Presentation to help you better understand the current situation at Queen Sheba School and the education system in Ethiopia that was unveiled by Chairman Getachew Belay, the current Chairman of Addis Abeba QSSA&F-I on his Washington DC trip:



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